Rob Verstappen was one of the lucky ones to be present LIVE at ‘t Rockhok for the Sturp Eindejaarsstream 2020. And we are lucky that he took some nice images to show us:

And even more photos from the Sturp Eindejaarsstream at 31-12-2020: pics taken by our loyal fan Menno Vergunst!

GIFs taken from the first YouTube live streams, May/June 2020.

Pics of the debut performance during the opening of the exhibit Vensters I – Artificial by Nature
by Voebe de Gruyter & Semna van Ooy. June 23rd 2018, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam.
Photography: Annique Paalvast.

More images taken at the debut performance: a big thanks to Menno Vergunst for the photos!

A nice panorama of the debut, shot by Stéphane Marcant. Thanks!